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How To

About Our Courses
We offer 3 types of courses to meet your CE needs:

  • Online Courses: Provide instant access to course materials (pdf download) and the CE test. These courses are text-based (reading) and the CE test is open-book (you can print the test to mark your answers on it while reading the course document).
  • Video Courses: Provide instant access to course video(s), handout, and the CE test. These videos stream from Vimeo and are accessible wherever you have internet service. The CE test is open-book (you can print the test to mark your answers on it while watching the course video).
  • Audio Courses: Provide instant access to mp3 audio file, handout, and the CE test. You can listen to the audio from your account, or download to your phone or tablet to listen on the go. The CE test is open-book (you can print the test to mark your answers on it while listening to the course).

Successful completion involves passing an online test (80% required, 3 chances to take) and we ask that you also complete a brief course evaluation.

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Learning Level:
Each of our courses is assigned a "learning level" so that you can tell if is it's suitable to your experience and needs:

  • Introductory: Assumes no prior knowledge or experience on the topic.
  • Intermediate: Assumes some knowledge, but not expertise on the topic.
  • Advanced: Assumes extensive knowledge on the topic.

Navigating Our Website:

To find courses that are accredited for your profession -

  • Choose your profession from the Courses tab above
  • Browse by topic, search or scroll down to browse by type (or all)
  • Click on course images to view course details and enroll

To purchase courses -

  • After 'enrolling' from a course page, proceed to checkout (click shopping cart icon in upper right corner)
  • You'll be able to enter any promotion code you have and click 'update' to apply
  • Enter billing information and proceed to checkout

To complete courses -

  • After completing your order, click My Account tab and scroll down to My Active Courses
  • You'll see links to download/print course and test, take CE test, etc.
  • Click 'take CE test' link when ready to submit your test online for credit (80% required to pass)
  • Print your certificate of completion

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Reporting Credit to Professional Associations

The only agencies to which we report course completions are ASHA and CE Broker (detailed below). All other licensees are required to keep records of their continuing education activity for use in the event of an audit. Most boards recommend keeping this documentation for 4 to 5 years, but please check with your own licensing board for specific requirements.

  • ASHA (for Speech-Language Pathologists): We report all course completions to ASHA monthly as long as (a) you select “yes” for ASHA reporting and (b) you provide your ASHA number in your profile. The last day of the month in which you complete a course is the date that will appear on your ASHA transcript. For example, if you complete a course on 1/28 it will be reported to ASHA in early February with a 1/31 completion date. 
  • CE Broker: We report all courses to CE Broker within a few days of completion as long as (a) we know that you are licensed in CE Broker reporting state and (b) you provide your state/license number in your account profile. You may email us at ceinfo@pdresources.org if you have further questions, or visit CE Broker on the web @ www.cebroker.com. We currently report to CE Broker for the following:

    • Florida - All licensees
    • Ohio - Counselors, Social Workers, Marriage & Family Therapists (MFTs), and Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs)
    • Alabama - Occupational Therapists (OTs)
    • Georgia - Occupational Therapists (OTs)
    • South Carolina - Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs)
    • Arizona - Occupational Therapists (OTs)

ASHA Reporting

When you create an account, you will be asked if you want your credits reported to ASHA. If you do, check yes and enter your 8-digit ASHA number. All course completions will be submitted monthly. If you already have an account, click the My Professions tab on your account dashboard. Then click the profession listed. A box will open (pictured below) where you can edit your state license information as well as your ASHA reporting options. If you check no to reporting, we will NOT submit any completions to ASHA - and we cannot report after the fact (ASHA does not allow us to submit outside of the established reporting cycles).

ASHA Reporting Option

Automatically Reports to CE Broker Within 7 Days

Getting help
Help is just a click away. Use the “Contact” tab at the top of any page to send us a quick message. We will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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